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TRUflic, as an adjunct effort, has developed a new investment vehicle linking social causes to profitable financial returns. First used in 1983 by American Express, TRUflic, with its experience and vision, is transforming and refining Cause-Related Marketing innovation and will use it to enter under-served communities, where its inhabitants, including industrialists, have a desire to contribute to social causes thereby ensuring high standards put in place by its founding entrepreneurs.


To develop additional revenue streams and to solidify its reputation and “trust” among these under-served communities, the Company will initiate Commercial Co-Venture / Cause Related Marketing (“CRM”) Programs, and will partner with charities. Company is committed to improving the lives of children and teens by supporting initiatives focused on issues affecting the community, e.g., police relations, drug abuse, gun laws, etc.. Through its cause-related marketing / commercial co-venture model, TRUflic is using the power of film to provide a world of opportunity for children in the United States and Latin America to bridge the gap on important issues and actually co-write, direct and produce films which speak to contemporary hot topics.  TURflic’s first CRM campaign is planned to benefit such charities as the Ronald McDonald House (Philadelphia) and Variety International, the Children’s Charity and is targeted to take place in 2018.

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